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Stop chasing the carrot (VIDEO)

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Does it sometimes feel like you are chasing a carrot? You’ve just published a paper and there is another one to write. You’ve just finished data analysis and there is another project to run! Do you feel it’s never enough no matter how much you do?

Well, did you know that this pattern negatively affects your confidence? And the thing is that your confidence is the key ingredient to your success! So to be a successful researcher you do need to work on increasing and protecting your confidence on a regular basis. It is now time to stop chasing the carrot! Watch this video to learn one simple and effective strategy to increase your confidence.

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Are you marketing yourself? (VIDEO)

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It’s easier than it seems!! (VIDEO)

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Stuck working towards a deadline? Four steps to get unstuck! (VIDEO)

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How to thrive as a research student. Part 3. Dealing with indecisiveness

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