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How to overcome resistance and revisit your writing

How to overcome resistance and revisit your writing


Do you need to revisit your recent writing project – a paper or your thesis – to make final corrections before submission? Are you experiencing a huge resistance to it? Postponing opening it? Dreading facing it?

In the above video I explain where this resistance comes from and share with you ONE powerful tip that will help you to overcome that resistance and to face revisiting your writing.

In the comments below please share your a-ha!-moment from this video!

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Learn from Nobel Prize Laureates

The Nobel Prize laureates of 2014 have been announced earlier this week. The interviews with each recipient of the prize can be listened by following the links below; there is also a transcription of each interview: PHYSICS: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 was awarded jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura “forContinue Reading

Two things that don’t go well together

Two things that don’t go well together

So you want to be more productive, feel in charge of your day, feel on track and less overwhelmed. On the other hand you have 10 projects at work that you believe are all important and all need to be done right now. Well, these two things don’t go well together! What I would usuallyContinue Reading

21 ways to be more creative (by Christine Kane)

Today I am reposting an awesome post by Christine Kane from her blog, the original can be found here. Creativity isn’t a big deal. It’s like our breath. It’s just a part of who we are. Some of us don’t realize this. People who say, “Oh, I’m not creative,” or “I don’t have a creativeContinue Reading

Behind the scenes of my course launch

Behind the scenes of my course launch

I’ve just had a very busy time on my hands over the past 3.5 weeks. During this time I was getting out to public my FREE video series and also launching my brand new online course. On top of that I had a cousin visiting our family and I went to attend a conference. AndContinue Reading