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Are you marketing yourself? (VIDEO)

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Are you marketing yourself? Yes you are a scientist, and yes you need to be marketing yourself! You’ve been doing some of it already, and ramp it up a notch I want to offer you four tips on how to increase your online presence and raise your profile using social media.

Why would you want to do it? Well, here is the conversation I’ve overheard at a conference: “I was working on a paper, and needed to draft an introduction. There was a dozen of papers I could cite at the end of a sentence. To choose a few, I have googled the authors’ names and cited those who came up with webpages.” This might seem as an unusual or extreme way of citing papers, but the reality is that you are more likely to be “found” if you have an online presence!

So what is your online presence as of today? What do you get when you google your name? Watch the above video to hear the 4 simple and doable tips I’ve got to share with you. And see my personal book recommendation for you to learn more about it!

Resources mentioned in the video:

a platform for researchers to share their videos about their research:

This is the book I have recommended in this video:
Marketing for Scientists by Marc Kuchner

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