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One of the biggest problems of a scientist…

One of the biggest problems of a scientist…

There are certain principles that govern success and we as scientists are often having a problem with one of them simply due to the expectations placed on us as scientists and how the society views us.

Watch this short video below as I share with you what this big problem is that many scientists face, and how to turn it around.


This is an excerpt of the Video #4 of the Productivity Code Videos Series where I share the details of how you can take a deeper dive into these principles, overcome overwhelm, become more productive and stay productive for good!

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the Productivity Code Quick Start Online Course

Where does upto 90% of your success come from?

Skills are very important in science. They form the bulk of your CV and are highly rated in academia and beyond. And if I would ask you what contributes greatly to your success, the answer would probably be: SKILLS. In today’s video I would like to share with you what I have learned about successContinue Reading

How to make writing a paper as easy as Facebooking

As I hear from scientists and researchers, Facebook is a common reason for getting distracted when you sit down to write your paper or thesis. Why is Facebook so attractive anyway? Why is it so easy to go on it and spend the odd 10-15 we might be having available between various things we doContinue Reading

They should know, shouldn’t they? (VIDEO)

They should know, shouldn’t they? (VIDEO)

  Wondering how to make it easier to get what you need from other people if they have not been cooperating? You might be finding yourself in a situation where you need something from other people, but their have not been doing it, or they have not been doing it in the way you needContinue Reading

A productivity technique for a rainy day (VIDEO)

A productivity technique for a rainy day (VIDEO)

  Do you hate rain? Or at least dislike it? I am going to use the analogy of the rainy day to help you spot any patterns you might be having in your work and life in which you are getting in your own way. This is when you slow yourself down in achieving what’sContinue Reading