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Are you a science student, a postdoc or a research staff? Do you want to overcome overwhelm and become more productive? Then read on…

Who you are:

You are a scientist building your research career. Your focus is on doing more research, analysing data, writing up your thesis, writing and publishing research papers, submitting grant applications and possibly managing teaching/research/administrative work load. You are a person who is smart, inquisitive and done well in the past but you feel like you are slowing down or doing not as good as you could have been. Your biggest focus right now is on managing the increasing demands of your scientific research work and balancing it with the rest of your life. You want to feel more in charge of your day, be more productive and feel that you are moving in the right direction consistently and effectively.

What your issues tend to be:

You have big to-do lists and not enough time to complete all the tasks of the day. You feel overwhelmed with all the demands of your work. You are a perfectionist and this makes it difficult for you to start things, to make progress or to complete your projects. Despite of having a lot of things on your plate you tend to procrastinate. You often do things in an unfocused way and are easily distracted which makes your progress slow. You feel like you could be more pro-active, but you tend to go with the flow, rarely say NO to others and find yourself doing many things that you are not sure why you are doing. You get discouraged easily. Your low self-esteem gets in the way of doing your work effectively because you are afraid to ask for help and prefer to do it yourself. If you have a family you main challenge is to balance your work with the family life. Worries and anxieties rob you of happy and joyful feelings. You wish your work and life situation would be different. You feel like you are lost, going in circles. If you continue like this you feel like you are just going to be wasting your time, missing your dream and your ideal life.

What you really want:

You want to feel on purpose and that your life and work has a certain direction. You want to feel happier and more relaxed. You want to finally submit and defend your thesis. You want to finally get that thing done and see a noticeable progress in all your other projects. You want to feel in charge of your day. You want to see that paper written and published. You want to know what to do when you get stuck and how to get out of the procrastination habit. You want to see that grant proposal submitted. You want to get that perfect job. You want to be clear on what is important to you, be able to set the boundaries around your time and say NO to what is not in alignment with your desires. You want to feel a renewed enthusiasm. You want to be effective and productive at work leaving time for your family, friends and hobbies. You want to feel balanced between your work and life. You want to feel like you are managing it all. You want to do more of the things you like and that matter to you. (And by the way it is ALL doable, as these are the results people get from working with Olga!)

What you need most right now:

Your primary focus needs to be on creating new habits and practices in your work and life that will help you feel more in charge of your day, become more productive, feel like you are on track and more on purpose. It’s all about changing HOW you approach your day, little-by-little; it’s about becoming more intentional about everything you do. It’s also important for us to look at your bigger goals and dreams that are usually put on a back burner in favour to more urgent but not so important things. Then, it’s about stating specific goals, creating focus and accountability you need to move your projects forward quickly yet peacefully, so you finally see the results and feel like you are moving in the right direction.

Olga’s Inner Circle Coaching Program you’ll thrive in…

  • The Support and Accountability Coaching Program

The Support and Accountability coaching program is a carefully designed high-quality high-content coaching experience. It includes personal and private laser-focused coaching from Olga (via skype), e-mail access to her as well as weekly accountability over a period of 3 (or 6) months. It’s all designed to support you with an unprecedented productivity curriculum that focuses on the primary objective of ‘overcoming overwhelm’ and ‘becoming more productive’ while ‘feeling happier in your life’. You have a total support and accountability over an extended period of time that will help you make sustainable changes in how you do things and also see the positive shifts in your work and life situation.

E-mail me at or simply check out what this program is about by clicking this link.

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