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Here is how to focus on your writing

Here is how to focus on your writing

It is notoriously difficult to focus on your writing, be that a research paper or your thesis. We are usually so busy during the day that there is never enough time to get any writing done. And when we do find the time to sit down to write we feel scattered, distracted, doubt ourselves, and experience a writing block.

In this video I walk you through the process of focusing on your writing.

This is exactly what I share during my “Get It Done!” sessions that I hold for my private and group coaching clients and the participants of my online course.

Listen to this video to get an idea how to focus on your writing, and also use it at the beginning of your writing session as a guidance.


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If you like the strategies I’ve been sharing with you in this blog, come and listen to the online lecture for scientists and researchers “How to start writing” that I will be giving LIVE on the 6th of October 2017 at 9am BST (London time)! This is to help you overcome procrastination, start writing and stay on track until completion.
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Online lecture for scientists and researchers "How to start writing" by Olga Degtyareva, PhD

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