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Quick fix for frustration and annoyance

Quick fix for frustration and annoyance

If you feel frustrated and annoyed with how one of your particular projects or papers is going then this video is for you!

Maybe you are particularly annoyed about the correspondence with your colleague or your supervisor, or maybe it is something that is happening at home that really bugs you. You are so frustrated with it that you even regret you started dealing with it today and you wish you’ve stayed in bed.. In addition, because of this frustration you just can’t focus on other things you need to work on today and spend the rest of your day unproductively.

This video offers a quick fix: 2 things that you can do in about 5 min that will help you clear that frustration and annoyance, see new ways to move this project forward and feel good for the rest of the day so that you can face other things you need to do, feeling positive.

In the comments below, please share which one of the 2 strategies you managed to implement and how it has affected your mood and productivity for the rest of the day!

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