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The opposite of batching

The opposite of batching

You probably know that you can save your time and increase your productivity by batching your activities, and we talked about it in this blog before (see below the link to the video about batching).

Today we are talking about a strategy that is opposite of batching!

It is to help you get certain things done that are important to you and will make a big difference to you but you have delayed doing them. Sometimes the reason for the delay is that you want to combine them with some other activities, especially if takes time to travel to get to them.

In this video I invite you to a challenge to do this one important thing and this thing only without batching it with anything else. Watch this video now to see how you can do it easily.

In the comments below, please share what one important thing you have delayed because you have tried to batch it with other activities. Feel free to share what steps you need to take to get it done.

Also check out this video: How to save time by batching your activities

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