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“Start writing and get it done!” online course

Banner for Olga's online course: "Start writing and get it done!"

If you want to make progress with writing your thesis or paper and receive a continued support, tools, accountability and inspiration for the next 8 weeks, then this course is for you!

This is an online course created specially for scientist and researchers just like you to help you overcome procrastination and overwhelm, start writing, grow content fast, stay on track with your writing until completion while balancing it with the rest of your work and life!

The course offers

  • Video lessons containing 2-3 doable steps that will help you make progress with your writing: you’ll receive them daily for the first 2 weeks
  • Continued support in a form of power prompts that are delivered to your e-mail inbox to help you stay on track and focus on what needs to be done
  • Two live Q&A sessions with me where I answer any of your questions around writing, productivity, work/life balance and more
  • Facebook forum for you to be a part of a community of like-minded scientists who are on a similar journey as yourself
  • Accountability via our accountability buddy system
  • and more!
Check out all the details and what is on offer with this course and make a new start with your writing. Experience fast progress with your writing in the first two weeks of the course or your money back 100%!

CLICK HERE to check out the details of this online course and to read the participants’ stories and what results they’ve managed to achieve!

The next group will start in February 2017, so watch this space for more information and a 50% sale!


Working personally with Olga…

Here are a few programs that you might want to consider:

PLATINUM private coaching program
(4 months program)

If you want a close and personal access to a mentor and coach, this exclusive private high-access package is for you. This package has been popular; Olga has worked with many scientists through this program. It provides support for you to achieve big goals be that completing your thesis, or getting your tenure, and at the same time gives you time and space to explore your deeper desires about your future, start working towards them, and also address private life issues. The focus is made on a private and personal interaction and you get unlimited e-mail access to Olga too.

If you want your situation to change for the better FAST, if you are sick and tired of your old ways, cannot wait to see the changes and ready to follow a proven step-by-step guidance, this program is for you.

What’s included: 2 x 45 min. private coaching per month for 4 months, personalised productivity tool kits, e-mail access to Olga, access to the private FB group for private&group coaching clients, 8 content Modules

Starting date is flexible, the program stretches over 4 months

GOLD group coaching program
(4 months program)

If you like to be part of a community and it is really important for you to know that you are not alone in your struggles then this group coaching program is for you! Also it is a more affordable option than the PLATINUM private coaching, and it is my desire to make the coaching affordable to anyone interested!

Within this program you get to work in a group of 6 people (only!) which still allows for intimate and personal coaching calls. We meet every two weeks on skype, you’ll get to know other participants and can count on the group for additional support. You also get weekly “office hour” during which you can call Olga for a 10-15 min private chat.

During this program you get Olga’s coaching on your personal work and life issues, we also discuss solutions to the problems common to all participants and how to apply them to your particular situation. In this program, you receive all the support and accountability to help you achieve your goals!

What’s included: 2 x 90 min. group coaching per month for 4 months, personalised productivity tool kits, access to the private FB group for private&group coaching clients, 8 content Modules, weekly “office hour” for 10-15 min private chats.

Starting date of the next group (GOLD7) is the 21st of January 2017, program stretches over 4 months


I have recorded this 45 min video that walks you through materials covered in the PLATINUM and GOLD programs. CLICK HERE to watch it and familiarise yourself with the content, and to see if these programs are the right once for you.


If you think you are ready to take the plunge and join one of the above programs, then please book your FREE 30 min skype Strategy and Focus Session with Olga (please only book this session if you are serious about us working together)


STAY-ON-TRACK group coaching program
(12 months program)

If you have worked with Olga before, like her approach and strategies, and now want to continue to stay on track and have ongoing support and accountability, then this program is for you! In this program you get
Directions and strategies: receive directions, step-by-step plans and strategies through coaching with Olga. In every coaching call we will work on solving your problems and helping you to blast through obstacles
Accountability: Olga and the group will hold you accountable, and once a month you will need to report to us on your progress and also define next actionable steps. This will help you to actually implement what you said you would do.
Community: be part of a group of like-minded people who are all researchers or scientists, have worked closely with Olga before and who also want to create positive and lasting changes in their work and life.
Mindset & confidence: work on your mindset and increase your confidence that are paramount for your success
Support & inspiration: receive strong ongoing support and inspiration from Olga and other group participant
What’s included: 1 x 90 min. group coaching per month for 12 months, access to the private FB group for private&group coaching clients, and BONUSes
Starting date: immediately, join the existing group, the program stretches over 12 months
(If interested, contact me via e-mail)


VIP session with Olga

A 1 hour private VIP session, where we get to work closely on one particular issue or challenge, aim to understand the problem and create a doable strategic plan. We also aim to do the first couple of steps right on the call, to get you moving.

What’s included: 1 x 60min. private coaching plus 30 min follow-up call, home work and coaching call preparation form. Special saving if you book 2 or 3 sessions at once.

Starting date: immediately.

If you want to work with me through any of these paid programs please book a FREE Strategy and Focus Session with me where we can discuss your situation and a possibility of us working together.

>>>CLICK HERE to book your FREE Strategy Session<<<
(Please only book this free session if you are serious about us working together!)