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Online lecture “How to start writing”

Online lecture “How to start writing”

Recording of the online lecture “How to start writing”
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Do you need to write up your thesis or research paper but keep getting stuck with it? You are not alone, many researchers struggle with it!


Even when we know we should be writing we find it difficult to actually sit down to write. Instead we get ourselves busy with all other things we have on our plate. When we finally find time for writing, we struggle to make a start. We worry that we have not read enough, that the supervisor won’t like it, that it will take too long and that it won’t be good enough. And then we don’t write. Week after week (and sometimes months and years) go by and that paper is still not written.


Sounds familiar? Well, check out the recording of this online lecture “How to start writing” where I discuss these exact challenges and the strategies to overcome procrastination and to start writing. You’ll get the exact step-by-step so that you too can start writing, grow content fast and stay on track until completion. Register for free via Eventbrite, and listen to the recording: you’ll get the strategies and motivation to start writing and you’ll hear me answering a lot of questions from the participants, that you’ll probably relate to!


Here you can get an instant access to the recording of this online lecture that took place LIVE on the 6th of October. We have now over 400 people who registered to attend the lecture or to listen to the recording, and 1000’s of researchers have benefitted from these strategies already. Click on the image below to go to the registration page (via Eventbrite), or follow this direct link:

Online lecture for scientists and researchers "How to start writing" by Olga Degtyareva, PhD

P.S. If you know someone personally who is struggling with their writing or stressing out about their upcoming deadline, please forward to them the information about this lecture! It might be something that they really need to hear. Thank you in advance! Here is the link:

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