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Is it time to go home? (podcast)

Is it time to go home? (podcast)

Are you struggling with finishing up your work in the evening and leaving your work place to go home?

Maybe you’ve promised yourself many times to stop working at a certain time of the evening and go home so that you can have dinner, have a rest, go to bed at a reasonable time, and start next day rested and energetic. But every evening the same pattern repeats itself: the evening comes, and you feel like you have not done enough, and you need to stay longer to try and finish one of your tasks, or you loose yourself in browsing the internet.

In this podcast I discuss one simple strategy that will help you leave work at a certain time in the evening and also become more productive at the same time.

In the comments please share how well do you manage to leave work in the evening at a certain time, and how the strategy from this podcast is helping you to improve it.

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