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Ode to scientists on visas and permits

Ode to scientists on visas and permits

Are you a researcher or scientist who is on a visa or permit? Then watch this video, as I have something important to share with you!

This video is to increase the awareness of all the struggles researchers and scientists face when they go through the process of obtaining and renewing their visas and permits. All the hustle they go through that causes extreme anxiety when the visas are delayed or not granted and that affects their career when they unable to attend a conference or even continue their post.

Watch this video now to see if you recognise any of those struggles with visas and permits that I list in this video.

If you do not require a visa or permit for your research post, please watch this video anyway, just to see what your colleagues might be struggling with. If they are on a visa or permit, they can use some more understanding and support, I can assure you!!


(click the image above to watch the video)

If you like this video please leave a “Like” and Share! In the comments below please share your stories of all the problems and struggles you experienced with visas or permits as a researcher (big and small!!) And please share this video with your colleagues and peers!

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4 Responses to Ode to scientists on visas and permits

  1. Congratulations on the new citizenship!

    As a new scientist in California, I have been struggling to get the permits I need to do my research on ecosystems–state permits, federal permits, university permits. Getting one hinges on having the others in line–it is a Catch 22, a vicious circle. Friday I received a federal permit, finally. But I need even more.

    There are a few annoying things: anyone can kill a grasshopper in their yard, but if a scientist wants to collect one for research, they need a permit. Permits cost hundreds of dollars. It takes months, if not years to get them all together. Every country then has its own permit for collecting and exporting materials, so if you work internationally you've got to fill out even more permits.

    I am glad, as a US citizen it has been easy to get visas to travel in other countries. We US citizens are fortunate in that regard.

  2. Congratulations Olga for getting british citizenship :-) Thank you for sharing this. I didn't know it can be so hard & unpredictable. Getting visa for studying in Malaysia & UK for Bruneians is quite easy

  3. Hi Wardah, thank you for stopping by!! The British citizenship is a great milestone for me! Yes, it can be so hard and unpredictable indeed… Great to hear your visa encounters have been easy!

  4. Marilyn, thank you for your comment, and for bringing up this problem of getting permits for scientific research. i can imagine it can be especially devastating for PhD students who have only limited time available, but also for scientists in other career stages.

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