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The victim phrases and the power phrases

The victim phrases and the power phrases

The phrases that we use to express ourselves in our work and life can be a reflection of our mindset, i.e. the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold.

The mindset is so important for our success, and becoming aware of the phrases we speak can help us to shift from the victim mindset to the victor mindset, and start taking action from a more empowering place.

In this video, I share with you some phrases that are attributed to the victim mindset, and suggest the alternative power phrases that will help you feel more in charge and in control.

In the comments below please share if you notice that you use any of these victim phrases and how they make you feel. Also, share whether the alternative phrases help you feel more in charge.


This is the notes that contains the list of the victim phrases and the alternative victor phases.
The victim phrases and the power phrases

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