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Your 2016 accomplishments

You have achieved a lot in the year 2016, although it might not feel like it just now. This is precisely why it is important to take time and reflect on what you have done and achieved in the past year.

Take some time right now as you watch this video and remember your accomplishments, starting from January 2016, big or small, some are quite obvious such as published paper or conference talk and some are less obvious and only you would know how important they are. You might remember something you have forgotten entirely.

My Great Big List of Accomplishments in 2016, template by Olga Degtyareva, PhDCome up with a list of top 10 things you’ve achieved in the 2016 and the things that make you proud of yourself! CLICK HERE to download a template. Look at this list, and take it in: you have done it all!!

Give yourself this gift of acknowledging. And if you could this, you can do all those things you planned as well! This is a great confidence building exercise.

And starting from the minute 4:40, I am getting VERY personal and share some reflections about my own year, how challenging and sometimes tough it was and what I have learned and what I have achieved in this year. Please don’t judge me. It is personal and all still quite raw.



In the comments below, please share what interesting things you have remembered that you have achieved and accomplished this past year? Was there anything you have forgotten, or is there something you are particularly proud of yourself for achieving?

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